The double treasure of both a marine and a safari reserve

The leatherback turtle and the African elephant are the symbols of Machangulo. Where else in the world is it possible to enjoy a morning on the beach spotting turtles, watching whales breaching and dolphins surfing and spend the afternoon viewing elephant, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, fish eagle, wildebeest and zebra?

“Peace Parks can be the economic engine that drives development for Africa”

The Peace Parks Foundation lead in two of our most significant local conservation projects, the Ponto de Ouro Marine Reserve and the Maputo Special Reserve. Machangulo is a participant and supporter of both projects.
The ocean coast of Machangulo lies within a transfrontier marine reserve that reaches far down the coast and across the border into South Africa. The beaches in front of the villas are home to nesting sites for endangered loggerhead and critically endangered leatherback turtles. Our turtle conservation team employs many locals in monitoring and protecting turtle nests, a perfect example of both the environmental and economic gain that is possible from switching from the previous unsustainable practices of hunting turtles for meat and raiding nests for eggs. Snorkelling in the small protected bays and reefs along the coast reveals that the pristine protected sea is teeming with colourful tropical fish species whilst further out humpback whale, dolphin, whale shark, manta ray, sailfish and marlin thrive in the protected waters.Learn More
The Maputo Special Reserve is a huge safari reserve that provides the opportunity to view many of Africa’s iconic animals in the wild including elephant, hippo, giraffe, zebra and many different antelope species. The birdlife is also a special attraction with more than 500 species making it one of the birding hotspots of Africa – highlights include several species of eagle, stork, bustard, korhaan, widowbird and flamingo. A corridor connecting through to Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa allows elephant to roam and migrate without regard for international borders. The reserve effectively isolates the Machangulo peninsula from the mainland of Mozambique and Machangulo guests therefore have direct access from the North for a safari drive into the reserve.Learn More

Nature Reserve

The Machangulo Private Nature Reserve covers over half of the land area of the peninsular and nearly all of it’s Indian ocean coastline. Our widely spaced collection of holiday villas offer an exclusive opportunity to stay within the reserve and have been designed to merge in with the delicate pristine environment. Within the nature reserve, sustainable nature conservation is the priority. In the dune forests around the coastal villas it is common to see vervet monkeys, mongoose and red duiker (a very small deer). The lakes provide opportunities to spot hippo, fish eagles, flamingo and hundreds of other rare and spectacular bird species. From the Southern border of the Machanguo Private Nature Reserve, the Maputo Special Reserve extends a further 40 km (25 miles) along the mainland coast and therefore provides our guests with direct access to a true African safari experience.